Bathroom Sink Faucets

Bathroom Sink Faucets
    Knowing how to choose between the various models of toilet faucets can make all the difference when it comes to decorating this room. For those who are in doubt about what type of faucet to install, we have prepared some very simple tips, which you can not fail to read.

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    Small rooms mainly intended for visitors, the washbasins need to be well decorated, as they also work as a kind of business card for your home. And one of the best ways to have a beautiful look in this space is by installing a separate faucet.

    The toilet faucet should combine aesthetics and functionality in one piece, contributing to improve the visual appearance of the environment while being practical and economical, avoiding excessive spills and water costs.

    There are several types of faucets to use in the toilet, starting with the type of material. One of the most popular is the metal faucet, which shows great resistance to wear and corrosion, appearing as a great alternative.

    Another widely used option today is the ABS plastic faucet, also known as engineering plastic material. Cheaper than metal, it is distinguished by the great possibility of personalization, but has less resistance.

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    Also worth mentioning is the taps:

    Monocomando: regulates the temperature and the water flow in only one lever, combining practicality and beauty.
    Timed: identical to the shopping mall faucets, they switch off automatically after a certain time, helping to save water.
    Conventional: simpler and cheaper, they have only one record and do not offer water temperature control.
    With mixer: it allows to mix hot and cold water, besides choosing the temperatures individually.

    Faced with so many options, it seems to be tricky to choose faucet for toilet. But just follow some tips to not miss. As it is a short stay environment, the first suggestion is not to use mixers, which are more expensive and offer a function that is not much needed in this space.

    If your home has a heating system, the best alternative is a single-lever faucet, which allows you to use this function in a simpler and cheaper way. Speaking of economics, opt for a timed faucet if you get a lot of visitors or have kids in the house.

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    Choose a model that matches the decoration of the space (Photo: Pinterest)
    Another interesting tip is to choose a model that matches the decor of the toilet. If you already use a more rustic style on the spot, for example, invest in a faucet with tub or wooden countertop. Do you prefer a more modern decor? It's worth dodging by buying a glass basin faucet.

    And finally, be careful when choosing between the table and wall taps. In the case of wall taps, the plumbing must be prepared for this installation or a refurbishment will be necessary. On the other hand, the table models can be arranged at different points on the bench.

    Check out some models of toilet tap available in the market.

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