Alumetal Kitchens 2018 Let your heart touch modernity

Alumetal  Kitchens 2018 Let your heart touch modernity

    Alumetal  Kitchens 2018 Let your heart touch modernity

    Alumetal is one of the most famous and best materials used in the kitchen industry, and many other things such as doors and windows. The Alumetal is characterized by practical features that make it an ideal choice for those who are close to marriage. It is characterized by hardness, strength and water resistance. Alumetal is capable of preventing air and dust, and it is easy to clean. Alumetal differs in terms of quality, and there are several different types of prices, suitable for all possibilities.

    Top 10 Alumetal Kitchens

    1 - Alumetal kitchen red color

    The red Alumetal kitchen is one of the most popular among the ladies. The kitchen is distinguished by its high-quality design and is suitable for medium-sized kitchens. The kitchen consists of a large lower section with large arches and drawers. The upper part is two small square pieces and their doors are transparent glass.

    2 - Alumetal kitchen in black and white

    The kitchen is made of a number of drawers at the bottom, while the kitchen is made of a number of drawers at the bottom. The top is white and consists of 6 different desserts, a large size that needs a large kitchen area.

    3 - Alumital kitchen yellow color

    This bold design is designed in bright yellow, and the Alumetal is a glossy type. It consists of 9 subways with 3 drawers. The top is made up of 10 small and different lengths with three rows of black and white lines. The kitchen designs have a lot of space.

    4 - Alumetal kitchen in dark red

    The design is suitable for uneven areas. It is circular in shape and is designed in dark red with bright Alumetal, the lower part of which is made up of a large set of drawers. The upper part is made of several slabs. It is characterized by a large square piece with a longitudinal trajectory, As well as a circular piece in the middle separate from him, and fit the use of its surface as a small table.

    5 - Alumetal kitchen in purple and white

    Designed in large kitchens, it is designed in violet, with a white top piece, consisting of two bottom pieces, one long with many large drawers, the other with a multi-drum L shape, and a long piece in the form of a wardrobe Rectangular with several drawers, and a top part with a shelf opening up, while in the front at the top there is a rectangular white piece of 9 rims open up.

    6 - Alumetal kitchen blue color

    This design is designed for lovers of elegance and peace. It is characterized by its bright blue color. It is designed from 3 separate pieces. The lower part is composed of 4 small drawers, 2 large ones and one large shutter. The upper part consists of two blue rims and 4 transparent rims. Another large piece of two sides is blue. Each side is made up of two rows, and in the middle two transparent rails with a frame of white.

    7 - Alumetal kitchen black color

    A stylish black Alumetal kitchen, the lower part of the matte Alumetal and the upper part of the glossy Alumetal, a modern and elegant four-piece design, is designed with a rectangular upper piece with a number of drawers. The lower part is composed of many medium-sized drawers, Others are separate in the middle, and a longitudinal piece on the left side consists of several rectangular rails at the top and bottom.

    8 - Alumetal kitchen white color

    The design is small in size and is suitable for large spaces. It is designed in white. The design is three pieces, a small upper piece consisting of 7 medium-sized rims, a large L-shaped bottom with several rivets and drawers, It is made up of three cascades arranged in size.

    9 - Alumetal kitchen in light red

    The kitchen is made of light red Alumetal and consists of a large L-shaped piece made up of several large drawers and several derricks. The upper part is divided into two separate small pieces, one in square form, composed of two upper red and the other white, The other piece is rectangular, consisting of two red rims, a white shutter, and a separate longitudinal piece composed of two large rims.

    10 - Alumetal kitchen move color 

    This is a medium-sized kitchen, made of bright alumAlumetaletal, in a violet-tinted purple color, consisting of only two pieces, the lower part is designed in an L-shaped shape and consists of several different sizes, Muffled and some closed and open white parts.