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A Tour Inside Paul Allen's House The Businessman And Microsoft CEO

A Tour Inside Paul Allen's House The Businessman And Microsoft CEO

Today we will show you real pictures from inside a house, one of the most famous and richest businessmen is Paul Allen, whose net worth is $ 15.8 billion, but at first we will take some special information about him.

The date and place of birth

Paul Allen was born on January 21, 1953 in Seattle, USA.

A quick overview of Paul Allen's life
When we talk about Paul Allen we should mention Bill Gates the richest man in the world, the founder of Microsoft and of course he goes without definition. Paul Allen is his closest friend since childhood, he took part in his journey of life and shared work and success together. He founded Microsoft in 1975, where they shared a huge success and Paul Allen's share in the company was forty percent. In 1982, however, Paul Allen resigned from Microsoft after suffering from Hodgkin's disease, The rare cancer that afflicts the lymphatic system in the body, but Bill Gates asked him to remain as a strategic consultant Year for executives of the company and still owns 100 million shares.

Paul Allen House

Of course, the house of a man like him will be one of the most luxurious and the best houses, as it contains elegant and elegant furniture, very distinctive decorations, and is located in the city of Silicon Valley scenic, and the house area of ​​22 thousand square meters, and contains four Living room, a large cinema room, eight large bedrooms, a large cinema room, a large garden, a large swimming pool, a dining corner and wonderful green spaces. The house also has a parking lot, A dining room, and a large bathroom.

This is not just the land on which the house was built, it contains a small house for the guests. It is noteworthy that some sources said that Paul Allen bought this house for about $ 26 million, and we will show you some wonderful pictures of this The lavish home.

  • Bedroom in white

Large white bedroom with a stylish modern bed, small coffee table and 2 large-size chairs, a TV with a fireplace underneath, and glass windows overlooking the garden.

  • A small luxurious dining room

Here we can see a small trip, in lavish black, with a round table and four seats.

  • Modern Kitchen

Large, modern-style kitchen, light brown with white color.

  • A small seating area

A small seating area, made of one large white sofa, and a small, modern table in black.

  • Great dining room

Large dining room, very elegant with white walls and light brown color, and has a large, wood-made dining table, made of a large beige table with several seats.

  • Elegant room

Room has a small desk, 2 seats and a small table

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