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A Distinctive Fingerprint That Murano Glass Leaves On Furnishings

A Distinctive Fingerprint That Murano Glass Leaves On Furnishings

Diana Qubaisi Owner of Royal Owl Furniture

Our slogan "Add value to your home with Murano glass furniture". Discover our exclusive collection of contemporary design and the immortal beauty of the world-famous Murano glass at Royal Owl Furniture in City Walk. Choose the right pieces to complement a traditional décor or to reinforce the modern rooms with modern Murano furnishings or pensive Venetian styles. The beautiful contrast between the innovative forms and the traditional techniques of working with glass makes every piece of furniture a unique work of art. It was a time when Murano glass was synonymous with European palaces. From the 13th to the 18th century, the Murano was one of the wonders of the world, with an unrivaled reputation for creativity. The makers of this glass developed many things, such as methods of introducing gold threads into their innovations, the famous millefiori glass technique, Latimo "lattimo (milk) famous.

For those who believe that glass is fragile and weak, it can only be used for a few goals. The exclusive combination of furniture, lights and accessories will make every day unique and unique, and a beauty garden. With roots in the heart of Venice, our collection is a select assortment combining the creativity, heritage and skills of handmade products to you at the hands of the most brilliant glass craftsmen. Our goal is to bring the art of Murano glass closer to people, to spread its wonderful legacy around the world and to allow everyone to dream of Murano and Venice. Today, every product designed by our parent company is a clear expression of the long history of the Murano and its traditions. Explore our collections and invite them to inspire you: select unique pieces of exclusive decorations or surprise yourself and your guests with a valuable gift that reminds you of the world of Venetian lights. Over the years, Murano's glass has developed its own style and style with hints of contemporary art, which is absolutely reflected in a process of complete aesthetic value: from lighting to decorative pieces, new ideas constantly blooming.
With the technical versatility and charm of the design, REFLEX has become a reference for many international designers such as Pininfarina, Sacha Lakic, Maurice Barilone, Andree Putman, Arnoldo Gamba, Leila Guerra and Marco Piva, who place their concepts confidently in the hands of the innovative artist of the Murano glass industry. At the same time, the creative operator is well known for producing huge, innovative and charming glass works in their colors and shapes, displayed in prestigious public spaces, both in and out, and in a modern concept store. The company today is a true expression of Murano glass art, which people around the world appreciate as an original translator of a wonderful tradition. Our collections of blown Murano glass are available in different colors unique and exclusive. The same colors can also be ordered with a rich and distinctive final finish, such as gold or silver foil or any other final touch, in order to get even more exclusive pieces. Magic has been shown since silica is added to the soda, allowing for melting at low temperatures, and the glass will freeze and bond more slowly.For dyes, metal oxides are usually used: blue and green copper, cobalt for light blue, manganese for red And red gold for sapphire red.Return Most of the time raw materials melt at a temperature of about 1400 ° C. The glass paste remains moldable up to 500 ° C. This way we get the first quality glass, which keeps the brightness, transparency and purity With time Murano, who is more than 100 years old and comes from Italy, is known around the world for his looks, elegance and beauty Every piece of Murano glass carries with it the history and charming beauty of your home There are many facts about Murano glass that fans and fans should know.

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