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Furniture And Decorations Inspired By Art, Cinema And Literature

Art, Cinema And Literature Furniture And Decoration Ideas

Furniture And Decorations Inspired By Art, Cinema And Literature
Apart from practical furniture and minimalist designs, there is a global role that offers pieces of furniture and décor loaded with art shipments inspired by architecture, Cinema and even literature. "Interior4Design" has tracked these pieces of art in the latest edition of the French exhibition "Maison e Upage".

Bonsai table with a design inspired by the miniature bonsai tree, which is planted in bowls. Bonsai is a Japanese word consisting of two parts: the Bonn, meaning the container, and the Sai, which means formation and coordination. This piece of art reflects excellence, where the base of the table is a finely sculpted curve that recovers the curves of the trunk of this tree and has the same color gradations of this dark green tree. Modern design has simple lines and sophistication.
The Diamond Mittamorphosis from the Boca de Lobo is a side cabinet designed with black diamonds, which is extracted from the ground as raw material, and undergoes a delicate sculpting process that gives it an aesthetic dimension. And the uniqueness of this piece, the group of insects scattered on its surface, insects that recall the book "Metamorphosis" by Franz Kafka. Hence the name of this piece.
The "Imaginaryarium" of Boca Dulupo, a mirror with a gilded frame, reflects, thanks to a special technique developed by the architects of this house, the different color gradients of furniture that are in the same place, amazingly!
The Monroe floor lamp is designed by Pisa Art Design, inspired by the late actress and singer Marilyn Monroe, a character who silently silenced the 1960s. The base of the lamp is filled with bronze, and the body of Marilyn Monroe's legs is taken from both sides. All the details of the legs that look more beautiful when the lamp is lighted.
 Art, Cinema And Literature Furniture And Decoration Ideas
The square "Eiffel" table, as its name indicates, is inspired by the Barley Eiffel tower, especially in the design of its bronze base, which are layers that are mounted on each other in an unbalanced way. And the attraction of this art piece, its glass surface.

Art, Cinema And Literature Furniture And Decoration Ideas

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