3D Wallpapers For Home Design In Attractive Pictures

3D Wallpapers For Home Design In Attractive Pictures

    3D Wallpapers In Attractive Pictures

    When a three-dimensional wallpaper is in the room, it makes the person sitting there live close to reality. The expert Taleb Ayed Al-Mutairi and the director of "Kunouz Zakhrf" inform readers of "Interior Design" on the composition of the walls of the three-dimensional rooms.
    Coarse fabrics, artificial fibers and wood chips enter the three-dimensional wall-paper materials, and the drawings stand out from the traditional flat shape. In this context, the customer selects a likable image to be printed on the wallpaper, provided that this image enjoys high quality and accuracy, and adjust the size according to the wall to be painted.

    8 Important Points About 3D Wallpapers

    Al-Mutairi's advice to the reader, before resorting to choosing the desired image for the wallpaper of three-dimensional spaces, consider the following points:
    1. Coordinate the colors between the picture to be applied to the wall and the furniture in the room, to avoid the feeling of the subsequent congestion and narrowness.
    2. Make sure that the wallpaper is easy to clean, especially in children's rooms.
    3. Know that the wallpaper, which has large lines and inscriptions, makes the rooms look smaller than they really are, while the ones with small inscriptions and lines make them look bigger.
    4. Choose a neutral color in the desired picture for the wallpaper, making the latter match the decorations and colors prevailing in the room.
    5. The longitudinal graphics of the walls give a larger length to the wall and thus to the room, while the occasional drawings give a presentation.
    6. It is recommended to avoid covering the walls exposed to direct sunlight in a wall paper of three dimensions, so as not to fade the latter with time or crack.
    7. It is necessary to avoid pasting wallpaper on walls not exposed to good ventilation, or in a hot room.
    8. It is preferable to choose a quiet wallpaper and free from the interiors of the bedroom.

    It is popular to adopt three-dimensional wallpaper in modern trims. Share your comments ...