3D Wall Decorations Tips For More Beautiful House

3D Wall Decorations Tips For More Beautiful House

    3D Wall Decoration Tips

    The three-dimensional technique has entered the world of decoration, especially the wallpaper, which requires the installation of the decoration of the decorative engineer Badr Hamad bin Saidan, which is important, noting the need to use indirect lighting in his presence in order to produce an attractive shade, or use direct lighting units installed on the floor or In the ceiling:


    | It is preferable to install the three-dimensional board behind the bed, with the width of the bed back and the height of the entire wall.
    | A rectangular board must be used if the bed is huge and extends from the first wall to the end.

    living rooms

    ➡ The 3-D panel is used on the main wall in the living room, with the aim of attracting attention, both to the space behind the sofa or to the TV unit.
    ➡ Preferably the colors are opposite to the color of the furniture.


    ➡ Direct lighting is preferred on three-dimensional wall panels, from the ground, at the entrance.

    Office room

    ➡ 3D wall panels must be installed behind the desk, on the main wall or in one corner, if available.

    The bathroom

    ➡ It is advisable to choose the ceramic material for the three-dimensional wall panels in the bathroom, due to the ability of this material to resist water.
    ➡ The entire wall is covered behind the bathtub or toilet or in the area designated for the shower with this panel, or the latter is used on several walls, provided that the three-dimensional panels of the material, colors and the same decoration are selected, and the colors opposite to the ceramic color prevailing in the bathroom. For example, the three-dimensional panels behind the toilet can be painted in bronze, leaving the wall to the right and left with a neutral cushion color, such as white or beige.