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3 Mistakes In Design Of Curtains

3 Mistakes Made While You Install Curtains In The Bedroom

Bedroom curtains use homes as a way to block the sun, if it gets too hot in the daytime. Its functional functions do not mind being a tool for beautifying the "decorations" of homes, luxury rooms and spaces.

Many types and styles of designs are not limited to a stage, but include the specifications of the walls that will be suspended, through the type and lengths of their lengths, and accessories and accessories. Interior4design informs readers of the three most common mistakes in the design of bedroom curtains, especially:
  1. Whether you want curtains to be up the window, or to reach the ceiling of the room, it will affect two things: the first, the amount of cloth that you will buy, and the second is the design of the room. As for the amount of cloth required, care should be taken to ensure that the curtains are not short when installed, not to leave a clear vacuum between the bottom of the wall and the floor or to drop too much on the floor. As for the large, small, modern or classic rooms in its furniture and accessories, as the high drapes from the ceiling seem luxurious and dazzling, they may look bulky on the room, the space is narrow, or the low ones may look relatively small with the spacious rooms. . It should be noted that it is not harmful in the density of curtain cloth small room, as long as the choice is well thought out and appropriate to the design idea.
  2. The most common mistake is the use of screws that are not suitable for curtains. Some houses have walls of plaster, and need special screws. Generally, all surfaces must be prepared properly, before installing curtains or rail.
  3. One of the basic rules in the design of short overhead blinds is to add at least 10 to 12 inches to the width of the window, and at least 3 inches to the height of the window. Thus, you can make sure that the window will be completely covered by the upper short curtain. The location of the window on the wall and its size for the wall should also be considered. The curtain should preferably cover most of the wall area.

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