25 Modern Gyproc False Ceiling Designs

25 Modern Gyproc False Ceiling Designs

    Modern Gyproc False Ceiling Designs Best gypsum Decorations

    Gypsum decorations in the house and especially for the ceilings add to the interior of the house a special touch, artistic and distinctive, because despite the simplicity of its modern forms, but it is a technical touches in the decoration through the colors and different forms.
    • Colored gypsum decorations: bold shapes where you can see black roofs in parts or large areas, there are also other colors such as blue, pink, yellow, but bold choices that require the interior of the room to be consistent with your choices of colors , So prefer to use in children's rooms or small family sitting rooms and not basic sitting rooms.
    • Circular shapes are circular or irregular in shape. These types need to be painted with precision and mastery, since the curvature of the lines must be precise and not arbitrary.
    • Geometric shapes: interlaced and simple, which are always free of decoration and complex shapes and graphics, but on the contrary, choose the most simple forms such as square or rectangle and distribute them in an innovative and modern as you will see the pictures we have chosen for you.

    Benefits of gypsum decorations in the roofs of the house:

    1. The area is determined: it is often its function to determine the area instead of the dividing walls where we see a different design of the kitchen open to the living room when the roof is decorated with plaster. Or choose a distinctive plaster decor above the dining room as it is part of the entire house space.
    2. Indirect lighting: It is one of the main reasons for the use of false roofs where the indirect lighting or hidden behind the gypsum of the methods used in the interior decoration instead of lighting devices hanging.
    3. Reducing the height of the ceiling: We often need in the interior of the house to reduce the height to make the vacuum more controllable by heating or cooling or for reasons related only to the general form of space.

    Black color with low light LED, you will definitely see the most beautiful and modern plaster ceilings
     Brown is one of the most beautiful colors in the design of an upscale house, let alone when it meets the plaster ceiling, and some white lights in the ceiling of the room and on the sides
     Different shapes and beautiful colors will also create a luster design, especially for the rooms of teenagers and young children, for inspiration in study, which is an ideal place to develop a child's mind.

     Residential is the idea of circulation in this period, which symbolizes modernity and elegance at the same time, and is the color closest to the white and most favored by many, and is compatible with all colors