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20 Ramadan Wall Decoration Ideas For Home Interior Design

Decoration of walls of your home for the month of Ramadan

Either the Ramadan calendar or private writings that include supplications and Quranic verses that you can decorate the walls of your home where most of us accept this month to read the Koran so it is nice to adorn the walls, to celebrate the coming of this month and evoke the atmosphere of reverence and prayer in the atmosphere of the house.

How do you add verses and supplications to wall decorations?

- through the wallpaper that is sold in the market, which in turn is written written lines and designs multiple verses of the Quran or various supplications, which we can paste and change from time to time and replaced after the month of Ramadan as desired.
- Art paintings that are characterized by the art of Arabic calligraphy, which can be hung on the wall in delightful colors and innovative designs without limits from the archive of the distinctive Arabic calligraphy.
- Direct writings The walls are painted by artists and painters who can always be kept as Basmalah, Ayat al-Kursi and other supplications.

Can you decorate your walls with verses and supplications?

- In the dining room where the Ramadan tables, which are an essential element in the month of Ramadan, where can decorate the main wall or even secondary walls as we will see pictures.
- Bedroom on the wall behind the bed as a keeper and Mubarak to the room and owners
- At the entrance to the house or in the corridors to be greeted by guests and to be the first to be on your eyes when entering the house in the month of Ramadan.
- Children's bedrooms to feel the month of Ramadan by reading simple verses and easy-to-memorize sermons echoed constantly as long as they are in the sight of their eyes.
- Even in the kitchen as we will see in one of the pictures.

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