10 New Ideas Of Modern Kitchen Designs

10 New Ideas Of Modern Kitchen Designs

    Modern Kitchen Designs

    The kitchen furniture of the houses attached to this material helps in choosing the kitchens of the modern spaces, which are in line with the current fashion trends. In this context, "Interior Design" features closed-door kitchens with modern décor and offers advice on the design of modern, narrow or spacious kitchens,

    1. In narrow kitchens

    🔶 The lacquered wood dissolves on the facades of the cabinets. Note that this material is practical and easy to clean. White is the most widely used color for this kind of cupboard, as it adds breadth to the narrow space.
    🔶 The wall cladding, which is mediated by the upper and lower cabinets behind the basin, is preferable to marble-like or stainless steel ceramics.
    🔶 When choosing the white color of the cabinets, it is recommended to paint the kitchen area of ​​the modern houses, the space between the upper and lower cabinets in one of the pastels (blue or yellow for example), gray or cappuccino gradients to achieve color contrast, reflecting the appeal of the decor.
    🔶 It is necessary to follow the accessories and tableware, the color that characterizes the wall mentioned in the kitchen.
    🔶 The electrical tools can be selected in white, but they should be integrated into the cabinets.

    2. In spacious kitchens

    🔷 The choice of bright red color is preferred for the spacious kitchen cabinets of modern homes, such as silver, light gray or white for accessories.
    🔷 The red can be accompanied by the white head on the cupboards, with the first in one corner on the floor-to-ceiling cabinet, the cabinet with the electrical tools built into it.

    3. Lighting

    🔶 Lighting has an important role to play in decorating modern home kitchens, as it must be sufficient to clarify the vision at work. In this context, it is preferable to use hidden lighting units directed to the working surfaces, to be installed at the bottom of the upper cabinets. Hidden lights can also be mounted at the top of the cupboards and directed to the ceiling, if not in the ceiling.
    🔶 One or two direct lighting units can be distributed on the ceiling, or even three or four of them if they are small.
    🔶 It is recommended to install a stainless steel base with four moving lighting units, to be directed to different corners of the kitchen.
    🔶 The warm yellow lighting and the most practical whiteness can be combined to clarify the vision.