10 Features That Are Always Used In Scandinavian Interior Design

10 Features That Are Always Used In Scandinavian Interior Design

    10 Features That Are Always Used In Scandinavian of Interior Design

    Interested in home decor with the concept of Scandinavian Interior Design? These are 10 frequently used features that you need to know.

    The Scandinavian Interior Design is a popular interior design house design in European countries covering Denmark, Norway and Sweden. What is interesting about this style of decoration, it is actually very popular used in most decorations or interior decorations you see today.

    Knowing a little about the Scandinavian Interior Design style, these are 10 main features that are always used.

    1. No Carpets / Carpets

    They do not use carpets / rugs, but only wood floors.

    2. Light and color adjustment

    Because the winter is very long for Scandinavian people, they prefer to choose white. This helps the room look bright and creates a calmer atmosphere.

    3. Wood

    Most Scandinavian floors and walls are made of wood. In line with their theme, the wood used is usually light wood like bic and pine trees.

    4. Lines

    The use of lines, usually not very obvious. It works to create a more modern and stylized look.

    5. Not fibers

    Traditionally, most Scandinavian houses are so small, so they limit the use of furniture in their homes. Use only what's needed. The same concept is used in minimalist decoration.

    6. Short

    Simple décor. Most of the walls of their houses are empty, if there is only one or two things. Examples of picture frames. This is a compliment from a boring look.

    7. Minimal and limited game

    The Scandinavians also love storing simple and practical things.

    8. Natural light

    Letting as much light into the house, therefore they limit furniture consumers in the home. The house looks brighter and bright.

    9. Green plants

    To help bring space and bring fresh air, green trees are also one of the decorations used in their home. 

    10. Comfortable

    Not only do they use what they need, but they give priority to comfort in every thing they use.