10 Facades Of Stone Villas

10 Facades Of Stone Villas

    10 Best Facades Of Stone Villas

    The house is the kingdom that everyone dreams of and wants to be perfect. The first step in establishing a home is to choose the design to be executed. This is not only in the interior design of the house, such as the walls and floors, but in the exterior design of the house and the colors. Which surrounds it from the outside. The exterior colors reflect the quality of the interior decoration, and the colors and designs should be chosen according to taste.

    User Profile
    The majority knows the beauty and magnificence of the profile paint, and it is certainly seen on the facades and walls of the houses. The profile of the profile is known to be a wonderful and distinctive paint, in addition to its strength and its external factors. It gives aesthetic shape to the house from a distance, The work of designs and simple touches, and these touches of natural stone and are placed on the edges of the façades, fences and entrances to houses and windows, and the implementation of the profile is famous in two ways and the most common method is the work of the profile lines longitudinal, and the other way to implement is the work in the form circles.

    The stone facade
    There are two types of stone, the first of which is natural stone, which is obtained from several sources, such as Palestine, Jordan, Morocco and the Kingdom itself. The types of stone differ from one type to another in terms of colors and absorption of water. , For example, there is a type called the Saudi Riyadh stone and it is available in three colors, white, yellow and cream and white is rocky, the cream and yellow Vikona sandstone, and methods of installation of different stone was an old cement mixture is installed.

    Facades Of Stone Villas

     Now, it is installed in a mechanical way. The forms and designs of the windows and the cornices are many. The outer facades of the house are designed from the external design. Stones can completely change the facade, French or Spanish design works or any modern design and many shapes. Designs.

    The second type is the artificial stone, which is a stone that is poured in certain molds, and special mixtures, but this type is not as good as natural stone, because the external factors affect the quality and impossible to make decorations from it, and measurements are constant can not be cut Because it can be damaged, and there is more than a name for the industrial stone, including the so-called stone cut saw, which is the effect of the saws, and stone Snfr and is the stone that was sown, and Bushmar stone and this is the most dangerous species because it is poisoned and is done And gives a wonderful shape and can be made any strikes by the chisel gives a form as natural.

    Installation of natural or artificial stone
    The first and famous method is the traditional cement. In the beginning, a concrete mortar is placed on the wall to be installed. It can be added by means of tipping. Or the marble to be placed on the adhesive, and this method is characterized by low cost and the strength of stone bonding be excellent if the use of a good material, and the disadvantages of this method that the stone soaks the water in the mortar stone, and during the installation depends on the fragmentation of stone to segments to work decors .

    The second method is the mechanical method, which depends on the installation of stone by nails, and the advantages of this method is that the formation of a good heat insulation, in addition to this can be made different decorations with this method, they are heavy weight and prove well and in the case of stone damage Can be easily restored, but the disadvantages of this method are high in cost and does not fit all the discussions on stone, especially sculpture.

    Interface calculation method
    The length x width x height = number of meters is calculated
    With the exception of empty spaces such as doors and windows, the net shows in meters, and the meter is the frame that revolves around the openings of doors and windows and any other openings, and usually the lower belt is used and there are many used marble or granite as it is cheaper than marble, It is placed on top of the marble and is a separating between marble and stone.

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