10 Decorative & Configurable Gypsum Ceiling Designs

10 Decorative & Configurable Gypsum Ceiling Designs

    Gypsum Ceiling With Configurable And Decorative Decorations

    The decorations of the Bishop of gypsum with decorative formations known as the grandeur, which add aesthetic to the decoration of the area where it is resolved. The use of gypsum ceiling with decorative formations in the decoration of houses, according to the advice of the interior decoration engineer Zia from the institution "Abriz" for the design of the following home:

    Where do you use decorative gypsum decorations?

    👍 In the ceilings of rooms with large areas, generally.
    👍 In the opposite bungalows: the roof of one of the two rooms can have classic gypsum formations, but the second ceiling does not contain any outstanding additions or chandeliers, in order to achieve a formal balance in the decorations.
    👍 In the roof of the family council: if it is spacious, it is better to have the rectangular shape instead of the square; so that there is a longitudinal area to complete the gypsum diagram, whether prominent or classical.

    Forms of Decoration

    Classic gold-colored finishes still fascinate many. Note that the presence of rooms with expensive furniture.
    Decorative glass panels, which are inserted between the gypsum surfaces, include light under it.
    Burden panels, which are used in roofs of domed or very high ceilings, dispense with suspension of chandeliers or use of the old style in the distribution of lighting, with a distribution appropriate to the light bulbs suitable for light reflection in each direction.

    3 Errors

    Among the design mistakes that we make, when choosing decorative gypsum ceilings:
    1. Use more than one decorative style on the ceiling in one place, what is distracted.
    2. Combine three types of gypsum in one roof, under the pretext of developing a different style of the usual.
    3. Installation of light openings, in addition to chandeliers or prominent lighting.

    General Tips

    When using gypsum ceiling decorations, it is necessary to distance:
    - To exaggerate the distribution of lighting randomly.
    - Use powerful strobe lighting to look.
    - Use white lighting alone, as it adversely affects the colors of furnishings, so it must be blended with yellow light.
    - The use of blue lighting in the entire space, but the recruitment of the latter is limited to specific corners of the room, especially in the basement kitchen cabinets.
    - Use white lighting in the bedroom. In contrast, the use of warm yellow.
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