Top 10 Most Awesome Homes in the World!

Top 10 Most Awesome Homes in the World!
    Top 10 Most Awesome Homes in the World!

    House of trees is now a trend all over the world. Here we list the 10 most awesome tree houses we've ever seen!

    1. Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand
    Yellow Treehouse Restaurant is located in New Zealand. Built by Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. (PEL). The restaurant is 40 meters above the tree.
    2. Mirror Tree House, Sweden
    The house is as transparent as the outer wall is a mirror. The hotel was opened to the public in July 2010 which can accommodate a total of 2 people, complete with bed, bathroom, living room & covered terrace.
    3. Hemloft In Whistler, Bc, Canada
    If you think the tree house is only for children. You're wrong! . Joel Allen, 31, is a software designer building a house on this tree with her father. It has an egg shape. Cute right?
    4. Living The Highlife Treehouse, Uk
    This project is called the 'Living the Highlife' treehouse created for a family as a luxury resort for them. The design is equipped with a variety of facilities and is suitable for a place of relaxation. 
    5. Teahouse Tetsu Treehouse In Hokuto City, Japan.
    Teahouse Tetsu tree house is a Japanese tea house designed by Terunobu Fujimori. It is surrounded by cherry blossoms at the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, Hokuto, Japan.
    6. The Bird's Nest, Sweden
    Outside we might think it's a bird's nest. When you look in, like unbelievers! It is a luxurious room that can accommodate up to 4 people. It is designed by Bertil Harström.
    7. Free Spirit Spheres, Rainforest Of Vancouver Island, Canada
    This house is located on Qualicum Bay up, Vancouver Island. You can experience the wonders of nature while in the house on this tree. But, there are 3 people. You have to book early. 
    8. Ufo Treehouse Hotel, Sweden
    Whatever we think is the UFO's most cool concept because once you look like a ufo feel landed in the jungle. It is built for 5 people, equipped with bathroom & living area. Interestingly, you can only watch TV shows around 1930-1950 only. However it also features a restaurant, bar, sauna and internet. Relax too.

    9. Toronto, Five-star Resort E'terra Samara
    It is awarded a 5 star eco-friendly resort in Canada. Quite open but sit-in experience can make you feel free from stress in the city for a while. 
    10. Treehouse Hotel, Portugal - Pedras Salgadas
    Pouca de Aguiar villa, Pedras Salgadas spa & nature park showcase a rather innovative design. It was designed by Luis Rebelo de Andrade. What's your name?

    So, if you can build a house on a tree, which one is your choice?