Cascades For Pool: 30 Design Ideas To Inspire

Cascades For Pool: 30 Design Ideas To Inspire
    Thinking of leaving your pool even more sophisticated and relaxing, as well as giving a new look to the play area? One of the accessories that help achieve these goals are the cascades for swimming pool, available in numerous models and formats.
    Waterfalls for Swimming Pools

    To change the decoration of the pool, you can enhance it with different edges, LED lighting and the installation of a deck in the area where it is, among other things, in addition to adding some furniture and props to the space.
    Among the accessories, certainly one of the most striking are the cascades, which help to beautify the area and still provide a greater integration with nature, adding to the environment that famous and relaxing noise of falling water.

    Those interested in personalizing the leisure area find several types of waterfalls for swimming, from the simplest to the most luxurious, going through a wide variety of materials, shapes and sizes.
    Waterfalls for Swimming Pools
    The cascade leaves the pool even more beautiful
    Check out some of the major models of waterfalls for swimming pools:

    Stainless steel cascade
    It gives a more contemporary feel to the pool, but needs constant maintenance to not rust.
    Stone cascade
    Perfect for anyone looking for a more exquisite design, it can be made from various natural stones and integrate into the rest of the environment.

    Masonry cascade
    Its main advantage is the possibility of personalization to the taste of the client, winning in the most diverse forms, such as a spring, and even coatings.
    Fiber cascade
    Cheaper and simpler, it blends well with small pools and needs frequent maintenance to prevent stains and wear.

    Waterfalls for Swimming Pools
    There are different formats, sizes and types of materials
    Glass cascade
    It can be made entirely of glass or be associated with materials such as stones, wood, fiber or masonry.
    Wooden cascade
    One of the main trends of today, it is the ideal choice to combine with the wooden deck of the leisure area, ensuring a very elegant look.
    Waterfall with LED
    The floodlit waterfalls are also at the top of the current preference list, helping to decorate pools for evening parties (lamps can be installed in any type of structure or material).

    There are a number of other models of cascades for swimming pools, such as the cascade in the pergola, a very luxurious option that offers a different look for the leisure area, and the laminar jets, which can be installed on the edge or at the bottom of the pool, resulting in a beautiful decoration.

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