5 Hot Tub Options To Have At Home

5 Hot Tub Options To Have At Home
    Relaxing your body and mind as soon as you get home after a tiring day at work is something a good hot tub can provide with great efficiency, helping to stave off anxiety and renew energies.

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    Very traditional in Japan, the hot tub is a different bathtub, characterized by greater depth compared to the western model, allowing the user to take a delicious and relaxing bath with the body in fetal position.
    Soaking in the hot tubs are considered true rituals in Japanese culture. They do not aim to wash the body, since the person must do this previously, functioning more as a therapy, bringing benefits such as relief from muscle aches, bloating, premenstrual tension and cramps, in addition to fighting cellulite and flaccidity and to offer extreme relaxation.

    Many people confuse the hot tub with the hot tub. But they have several differences, starting with the already commented depth, which makes it possible to cover the body of water up to the neck.

    In addition, while the whirlpool has a capacity of up to 10 people, the hot tub is made for up to two people. As it has a more compact size, it does not require much space to be installed, unlike the whirlpool, which does not fit in any corner.

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    Another difference is that the water in the hot tub is not moving. In this way, it is possible to use special oils and herbs without any difficulties, taking advantage of their therapeutic properties to treat different types of problems, such as the fight against stress, skin cleansing and hormonal rebalancing.

    Also worth noting is the price difference between the hot tub and the conventional whirlpool, including transportation and installation costs. The classic Japanese bathtub has lower expenses.