12 Creative Ideas For Parents

12 Creative Ideas For Parents
    Idea for parents to manage children wisely

    1. Paper spotting
    Paper cut
    Children love to paint on the wall? Do not delay the creativity of your children.
    What do you say make a canvas on this wall? It's ready for a screw, it can be replaced with a new one. You can get this roll paper here or just buy a black paper that can be attached to this wall .

    2. Water color container
    Water color container
    By using such cups, the color of the water will not easily spill or splash on the table and floor.
    3. Stick on footwear to avoid slipping
    The glue on the footwear to prevent the child from slipping
    Using the glue gun,  place the glue on the footwear and dry. It can prevent your child from slipping while wearing it.
    4. Baby cots as a table
    Baby cots as a table
    When your child grows up, baby cots are no longer in use. What do you say to upgrade to a table  that allows your children to sharpen their artistic talents.
    5. Cradle of DIY
    DIY Crib
    One way to please your child is to make a swing like this. It's easy to use towels or blankets and tie them to the table.
    6. Locking Furniture
    Locksmith Lock
    The easiest way to prevent your child from opening the cupboard is to tie the button or you can buy a locker safety lock for the baby here.
    7. Store the toy cart properly
    Store the toy cart properly
    One way to teach your kids to store their toy car is to provide parking but in a creative way. Use the toilet paper roll as well.
    8. Sleep light
    Sleep light
    If your child is struggling to sleep, you can decorate their bedroom with an interesting light sleeper .
    9. How to avoid melting ice cream
    How to avoid ice cream melts
    Does the child always scoop when eating ice cream? You can use a cake cup liner to prevent ice melts. 
    10. How to make your own ice cream
    How to make your own ice cream
    Create your own ice cream by using a used container . Use only canned water and jelly.
    11. Build sliding yourself using stairs
    Build sliding yourself using stairs

    Buying slides yourself may be a bit expensive. What to say is a box and a place on this stage. Creative is it?