10 Models Of Terraced Houses

10 Models Of Terraced Houses
    The terraced houses are a great option for those who are interested in building their own house, meeting the needs of different family profiles and making a good economy.

    Available in different sizes and styles, they are a type of housing characterized by the symmetry and the union of two or more residences sharing the same roof and part of the structure, allowing to make the most of the space of the land.
    These "twin houses" can be built even on small plots, resulting in a good number of dwellings. If you are in doubt about this alternative, check out the following 15 models of terraced houses and check out some of its advantages.

    Now we going to introduce you great and modern design ideas. So you could style your home's rooms, kitchens and be able to decorate the apartment and garden and other places in the house.

    1- Simple Semi-detached House
    2- Semi-detached House 1 Bedroom
    3- Semi-detached House 2 Rooms
    4- Semi-detached House 3 Rooms
    5- Semi-detached House With Balcony
    6- Semi-detached House With Garage
    7- Semi-detached House 2 Floors
    8- Modern Semi-detached House
    9-New Semi-detached House
    10- Semi-detached House With Swimming Pool
    11- Semi-detached House With Kitchen Planned
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