Simple And Modern Houses Made From Shipping Containers Inspiration

Simple And Modern Houses Made From Shipping Containers Inspiration
    Not all amazing building made from expensive materials, you can say houses made from containers cheap enough for be build for 18 kids ..
    houses made from containers
    Have you ever heard about houses made from shipping container? Nowadays, there are many houses that made from the container. Besides this is cheaper, the rectangular shape of the container makes the house look very simple and attractive. If you plan to build a house, try to have this kind of house if you like the simplicity.

    The design of shipping container homes is so simple and modern. This kind of the house is very suitable for you who like the simplicity and modern look. There are many ideas that you can get from the container house. For the exterior of the house, you may have the container house put in the middle of the garden that you have designed before. The green color of the garden surrounding the container house may make your house look very fresh. Consult the container house designer so that you can have the glass wall and glass door. With the glass wall and glass door, your house will look very bright and healthy.
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    For the interior of the house, you should be creative in setting the furniture. If you have the two container house, divide the house into two functions. The first container house is for the main private living space. The second container house is for the living room. in the private living space, you can have the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and the dining room together in the same room. Choose the compact and simple furniture so that you will have the extra space. Choose the lighting for your house so that the house will look bright.
    houses made from containers 2
    It’s nice to have the container house. The design of the house like this will help you to get the modern and simple look that you like. Hope that this shipping container house plans article helps you very much!
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