World's 5 Most Beautiful Mosques

World's 5 Most Beautiful Mosques
    The Most Beautiful 5 Mosques In The World
    World's 5 Most Beautiful Mosques
    The Interior4Design site is located on the finest 5 mosques in the world, where the architecture is most visible without mentioning the Holy Mosque in Mecca, the Prophet's Mosque in Medina or the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, because these mosques are above all comparisons , And higher than any classification, because of the religious symbolism of Muslims.

    1. "Crystal Mosque" in Malaysia: A mosque made of crystal and equipped with modern technology, such as the Internet, to allow visitors to read the Koran on the electronic way. It is the second largest mosque in Southeast Asia, with more than 15,000 worshipers, a prayer hall and four giant minarets.
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    2. "Xi'an Great Mosque" in "China": one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, and the oldest. Built according to Chinese architecture without dome or minaret, it is decorated with Islamic motifs and texts. It has been joined by a group of ancient buildings that translate the fusion of Islamic and Chinese civilizations. They also have four rooms with 72 rooms.
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    3. "King Faisal Mosque" in "Pakistan": This mosque is located in the capital, "Islamabad". Surrounded by mountains and magnificent heights. Its design was shaped like a Bedouin tent without a dome. The prayer hall can accommodate up to 10,000 worshipers, as well as the outdoor squares that accommodate about 50,000 worshipers. Four lighthouses are also rising from the mosque. The cost of completing this huge project is about US $ 40 million, being one of the most important Islamic achievements.
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    4. "Glass Mosque" in "Germany": It was built in the form of non-Latin, and made the walls of transparent glass, with its glass facades in blue and white. The mosque also has screens outside, in which prayer times are set, as well as electronic plates to guide worshipers to places of ablution and others.
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    5. "Blue Mosque" in "Turkey": called "Mosque of Sultan Ahmed", is considered one of the important monuments in Islamic architecture. Built in the construction of exaggeration in Ottoman architecture, came a masterpiece, which includes seven minarets. Nearby are its buildings, including a school, a hospital, a restaurant for the poor, drinking water and the tomb of Sultan Ahmed.
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