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Tips for the modern kitchen cleanliness and beauty .

Tips for the modern kitchen cleanliness and beauty .

1 - after frying in oil or ghee monument on LPG or furnace cleaning powder and wipe the oven with paper newspapers because he has a property buffing

2 - to clean Ceramic kitchen walls or whether the earth melted a little white vinegar and drops ofLemon and pure alcohol in lukewarm water and shine is attributable to him by the ceramic luster and cleanliness

3 - to clean silverware or brass and even keeps the original color coated slightlyVaseline ( insulating material ) or a layer of spirit vinegar ( Alkolodan ) are available in markets and pharmacies


4 - to clean knives and cutlery is silver or metal melted a few of washing powderIn a liter of water and has drops of lemon and raises the fire and be quiet and leave until the boil for a quarter of an hour and leave until cool and then rinsed and dried and will be followed have won it shine5 - to remove traces of eggs from the pots and spoons rub a little coarse salt and rinse with hot water and dried6 - before the age of knives put them in a little boiling water for 5 d and then dried and enact

7 - to clean packaging made of aluminum a national husk rub lemonWith powder ThemeNsaih of modern cuisine

To remove traces of burns from kitchen utensils rub a little coarse salt , lemon, rinsedAnd well dried

8 - to get rid of the smell of fried fish, especially shrimp time reddening Put a number of lobesMastic Gum on a plate over the fire and the fire is quiet and the smell of frying Tots9 - To get rid of the smell of onions in the hand rub a little of ground coffee and washed with water and lemon10 - Doors to clean white sheets clean water by boiling onions do not need soap

11 - to keep the smell of the kitchen Zakia can add drops of cologne during the surveyWhich is the best of disinfectants to normal they keep it longNsaih of modern cuisine

12 - So you keep the refrigerator colder Anzaay Chips for 10 d every ten days and then re-Again to maintain the strength of coolingNsaih of modern cuisine

13 - Wash the refrigerator once every 10 days with soap and water and rinsed with him CologneAnd well dried

14 - and even reservations about bringing the smell of the fridge Zakia put orange and lemon peel scattered whereIn small dishes

15 - so as not to mingle with the smells put some in the freezer a few of coal which will suck inAloaúh outstandingNsaih of modern cuisineNsaih of modern cuisine16 - After the cleaning process does not use the refrigerator for two hours or surveillance where foods

17 - Try marinating special keys to open tins in vinegar and lemon once a month and then rinsedAnd dried so keep up the intensity

18 - to clean the kitchen basket washed with water and coarse salt and rinsed and dried in the sunTo prolong the lifeNsaih of modern cuisine

19 - Try cleaning the kitchen phone with alcohol once every day so avoid anything Vapour DepositionIt20 - called the kitchen window open during cooking so as not to be deposited by the steam trapDifferent smells in the kitchen

21 - to clean the kitchen fan prefers dislodged and washed each piece separately and dried and re-Installed again

22 - for the treatment of burns resulting from boiling water bubbles Vqe not taken into account , but putAntiseptic them and wrapped gauze cleanser

23 - to save the egg yolk so as not to spoil after using whiteness put cold water so that it coveredAnd saves it in the refrigerator for 3 hours then sabotagesNsaih of modern cuisine

24 - should not be cutting different types of birds and meat on cutting board so as not toSalmonella is transmitted disease

25 - to remove stains and pomegranate , berries and Alkarkdi from the kitchen counter cleaned with a solution of lemonVinegar and rinsed thoroughly Bmakhlut water oxygen

26 - to clean copper copper pots boil for a quarter of an hour in the water dissolved the fewAsh or potash and dried well

27 - If you want to insert a thick candle candelabra narrow tip dip in hot water FatryAnd easily incorporated

28 - to extend the life of Azhark in the kitchen , add 10 drops of ammonia per liter of waterFlowers and this makes them wilted during cookingNsaih of modern cuisine

29 - to clean carpets or rugs, kitchen broom sweeping Basic drenched with water even remove dustThe dirt on the carpet and pass a piece of cotton cloth soaked carpet Baldettol and dried well

30 - for polishing cups and glassware washed with lukewarm water dissolved the salt damp and rinsed wellNot even dried leaves either dry natural glasses Crystal Vchtaf with lukewarm water supplemented with drops of alcohol and White left to dry naturally

31 - to clean up the Chinese porcelain and tea stains and let it boil in the water by a few sodaFor 10 d and rinsed and dried

32 - in order to keep up the pots of gold plated to a solution of soda but Atgsleyha Use white vinegarRinsing in water

33 - to get rid of oil spills on the kitchen counter can be enclosed in wheat flour for one hourAnd rinsed with hot water and dried

34 - To get rid of the coffee stains from the kitchen anywhere can be removed by adding a few of ammoniaWater for washing and then rinsed and driedNsaih of modern cuisine35 - If you have patches of gum Thtary not rub with water and alcohol White36 - to clean the kitchen bulbs rinse with water and vinegar until browned regain their brightness

37 - even soften your brush used in fat platen fatty layer washed with water Vinegar and rinsed well

38 - before placing nannies in jars vaporizes Batraman well and dried to prevent leakage

39 - to clean stains from melamine utensils tossing above coarse salt , lemon and coffeeAnd wring well rinsed and dried

40 - in the case of a carpet on the floor of the kitchen sow little sawdustUnderneath to prevent skating and falling

41 - even conservatory silverware or shiny nickel wring pumping wet woolenA few drops of ammonia spiritNsaih of modern cuisine

42 To get rid of ants in the kitchen and in order to avoid the risks of pesticidesGypsum or scatters the ashes in the place where ants congregate or sow little sodaBlended with sugar , the ants die along43 - In order to rid yourself of ants in the kitchen cupboard or other insects Pour a small amount ofBitter coffee or non- ground pepper

44 - To get rid of mice Aazakm herb chamomile God placed in separate locationsVtherb mice acrid smell of a strapped for them

45 - to clean packaging made from tin table a piece of wool oil, petroleumAnd rub it becomes pottery containers for luminaries such as silver

46 - and to clean silverware encumbered wash with warm water and cleaned with a brush Dental Mgmesh BalnchadrSoap and placed in coarse sawdust and leave them to dry and rub pumpingSoft skin

47 - If oxidized silver sink because of weather factors in sulfuric acid solutionSilver or rub with lemon juice and wash with cold water and dried well

48 - You must ma'am idea to keep the tools in your kitchen the following :
Sterile gauzeGauze ligamentWater OxygenToothpaste for burnsAlcohol Medical sterilizationDye would likePainkillerMedical and CottonThese tools are important to you and every housewife

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