[DIY] Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden

[DIY] Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden
    For me, I hate bugs, but I like this one! making mosaic ladybugs was interesting, easy to make and available materials, try this amazing DIY ideas for your garden.

    Time to Craft These Awesome Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden

    DIY Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden
    To make each of these ladybugs first you have to take a bowl and line it with plastic wrap. After that make a mixture of cement and sand in water and pour it in the bowl with plastic. When the cement and sand mixture dries take out the semi sphere. Put it on a working surface and fill all the rough surface with cement mixture and even it. Then with a pencil make the dots, wings and eyes of the lady bug. Then take red and black pieces of tiles and cover the ladybug with them using a tile adhesive. Place these beautiful bugs in your .

    Architecture & Design: [DIY] Mosaic Ladybugs for Your Garden

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