Luminous Furniture – Amazing Home Lighting Furniture

Luminous Furniture – Amazing Home Lighting Furniture
    Luminous Furniture
    It is known that the main role of lighting in the interior decoration of the house, if selected carefully selected attention to the components of the room, and achieve a new fashion that comes to the Saudis through the furniture light, lightweight and weather-resistant when used in the outside areas, Accessories ".
    "Some light furniture, specifically imported from European countries, is environmentally friendly, saving energy and not causing more heat," explained the company's director general, Youssef Abdel Gawad. , Can be connected to the electrical current such as any lighting device, resist fracture and damage and is equipped with all the requirements of safety. And can be designed any piece of it through the use of optical fiber allocated to make it colorful.

    Luminous furniture

    1 - sitting contemporary U-shaped "U", Chi relax.
    Luminous Furniture 1
    2 - A light chair designed to combine with ordinary furniture, to illuminate the place where it is resolved.
    Luminous Furniture 2
    3 - Innovative white sofa, packed with indoor lighting.
    Luminous Furniture 3
    4 - The round table bears luminance, and looks distinctive in front of the orange couch.
    Luminous Furniture 4
    5 - a session suitable for the outer space, lighting is carried through the table in the middle. It is practical and convenient storage.
    Luminous Furniture 5
    6 - Dining room composed of innovative red seats and white table hedges.
    Luminous Furniture 6
    7 - The use of this furniture in restaurants and cafes is a modern atmosphere, and suitable for parties and weddings.
    Luminous Furniture 7
    8 - basin of the seedlings to sing about "abagore" in the room.
    Luminous Furniture 8
    9 - Luminous carpet looks like a banner on the floor!
    Luminous Furniture 9