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Coordination of Roses - the most important steps to coordinate roses in the House

To coordinate the flowers at home there are several Tips must be followed to Take coordination form is nice and tidy

, as follows:

the choice of the quality of the flowers and coordination based on the function of the room
dining room
is Choosing color a bouquet of roses on the color table cover colors and
courtesy kit
should be avoided table bouquets of roses and costly manufactured preferably use a bouquet of
flowers and must be taken into consideration The principle of homogeneity of colors
with the curtains, paintings, carpets, moquette,

placed the Office Flowers and sustained reserving and good type
must be simple, stable and solid pot The bedroom
is desirable not to the fragrant flower artificial dry best solution for sleeping
room boys Non-scented flowers placed inside a pot very wide and stable
can be installed more than a pot of the walls of the room This is the best solution

to be away from the child's reach

in short must be the measurement of a bouquet of roses Based on the measurement of the vacuum
, for example, should be the non-use of roses very large rooms very small and intensive With low ceilings and put bouquets small pieces of furniture
is strange huge in terms of guarantees as a result of measurements It prohibits an enjoyable sight..