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15 strange Japanese inventions only are they invented!

 16 pictures of exotic Japanese products only are they invented!

Japan. Where culture is completely different. And behaviors are quite different; foods and fantasy; architecture and awe-inspiring. Japan is quite frankly, a whole new world. But with all this progress comes some strangeness. They tend to innovate products that completely amazed Westerners. Continued exotic products below that can impress your mind! We leave you with the photos:

1. If you hate wasting time in Cut each finger separately? Japan can you solve the problem.

2. If you're on the bus or subway and suddenly I wanted to get some sleep, this invention fits you perfectly.


 3. Invented this guy burger protein from human excrement!


 4. These portable washing machine placed lower leg and simple things you can wash it out!

5. This invention If you want to hear everything around you well

. 6. Let your son play and help you clean your house at the same time.

7. Machine clothing for women.

8. Zombies No one likes to work, so this is the solution to that problem. When trying to comfort your hands will Btank these sharp spikes.

9. No one on earth likes the appearance of wrinkles on the face that Japan made this device to flatten the facial muscles and prevent wrinkles!

10. This innovation to prevent hair loss in a pasta dish favorites.

11. If you're sitting in the front row or you're at work and you are very tired. You can use these phantom eyes to make your eyes while you are deceiving everyone.

12. Pillows for comfort at a time when work is fantastic forms.


13. Innovation strange for patients with influenza.

14. Pillows hugging girls single.


. This innovation helps to portray high places with a camera phone.