Great Ideas For Perfuming The House!

Great Ideas For Perfuming The House!

    Make Good Smells At Home

    Do you want to make your home smell good all the time? Try the following wonderful ideas for the house:

    Smear the bedroom bed

    If you want to leave the bedroom bed with a smell lasting for several days, bring an old sheet and soak it in a rose water mixed with the perfume you prefer, leave it for a whole day, then leave it to dry, and then put the bed under the mattress and enjoy the smell!
    Great Ideas For Perfuming The House

    Method of cushioning pillows and cane

    To add a fragrant aroma to the pillows and beakers, place a syringe or syringe in the perfume you prefer. Then insert the injection tooth into the pillow or fill the sofa. You can also sprinkle a little musk or erythrocyte into a bag of lace cloth and insert it into the pillow bag. Or in the sofa.

    Toss the house with a vacuum cleaner:

    Clean the broom from the inside well, dust off the broom bag, expose the vacuum cleaner to the air for half an hour to spoil well, wash the broom bag with water and perfumed (perfumed) or with water added to essential oil, such as peppermint oil that adds a refreshing scent, The amount of crushed musk inside the broom or the vacuum cleaner bag with your favorite pot, and when running the broom the smell will spread everywhere in the room as a result of pushing the air freshener.
    Great Ideas For Perfuming The House!

    Method to make all rooms in the house cloudy

    To perfume all the rooms of the house with the smell you like, put a point of the fragrance you prefer on the light bulb and it is extinguished, in each room of the house. When the lamp is lit, the aroma of the perfume will be spread by the heat from the bulb, which will evaporate the fragrance.
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