DIY Mosaic Flower Pot .. Using A Rim

DIY Mosaic Flower Pot .. Using A Rim

    DIY Mosaic Flower Pot .. Using A Rim Of Old Tires

    DIY Mosaic Flower Pot Using A Rim
    Who would have thought that this lovely and colorful flower pot is actually an old rim? Even if you aren’t a fan of repurposing materials that are lying around the home, rusting away, you will definitely like this DIY project. So, raise your sleeves and get to work. To make this artistic and chic piece of outdoor decoration, you will need:

    • an old rim
    • a can of black paint
    • broken pieces of tile
    • (optional) beads
    • brown piece of felt
    • clay
    • fertile soil

    First, make sure you clean any rust off the wheel and prepare it for painting. Apply a nice coat of black pain on its entire surface. Next, take a small cutter on the (broken) pieces of tile and fashion them into little chunks which will go nicely in a pattern. When you are satisfied with the model you’ve prepared on the side move to the next step.

    Apply a layer of clay on the outside of the wheel. Before it begins to dry, place the tile pattern. After the pieces are lodged into position, meaning the clay has dried a bit, remove any excess with a wet cloth. Then, put the piece of felt inside the wheel, pour the soil and plant your flowers. When you think this was just an old wheel, it looks amazing!

    Mosaic Flower Pot Rim
    Also you can use the other parts of old tires as follows..

    Use old tires to carry out useful manual work

    As the title explains, we are on our way to offer a very nice and useful collection depending on the tires of old or unused cars that use a large area of ​​the place without interest, so you can save from these old tires in a useful way by manufacturing handicrafts and works of art useful and very simple, For example, you can use it to decorate your garden or it can be used in the work of a modern chair and very elegant at a simple cost can also be used to work in the bathroom inside your bathroom and have a wonderful appearance There are also a lot of ideas that can be implemented depending on the tires of old cars What you can learn and do it yourself You can also enter the world of commerce by making some of them and trying to sell to others, whether to acquaintances or friends or through the Internet or other means of good amounts are satisfactory to you.
    Use old tires
    You can also use them in gardens and put some flowers out to give a different appearance to your home garden.
    Use old tires
    Manufacture chair based on the same tools used in the first design.
    Use old tires
    The tires can be used to make tubs inside the bathrooms in beautiful and wonderful shapes as the figure shows.
    Use old tires
    It is the work of a paved road to walk over it instead of using marble or other materials.
    Use old tires

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