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In a second you sleep training method will mention No Sleep Method . Who can not stand the baby crying and stable method for moms No sleep is considered to be a highly successful method . Mothers who prefer this method , as close as possible to their babies should sleep . Baby 's bed , in the room where the parents or the possession, this method may be a more appropriate option .Close alignment method, particularly a method that is widely used in the first few months . However, some studies have shown that the prevalence of age of the baby grows it begins to change . According to research that share the same bed with a baby in one month in parents feeling fatigue, which was less than 3 months of parents who share the same bed with a baby feel more fatigue has been found .Baby sleep in the same room with their parents is due to various reasons . One of them is close to the baby's parents to sleep at night is thought to be important . Other reasons may be the state of necessity . For example, living in a small house and do not allocate a separate room for your baby , your new baby brother do not feel ready to be put in the same room or if you live in a large family . Sometimes the parents, the baby's sleep in order to solve the problems prefer to sleep with them . Continuously during the night to wake up and go to another room , for tired parents to get their baby on one side , it is among the factors that led to the sleep pattern .