Kitchen Design Ideas 3*3 And 2*3 m2 Small Kitchens

Kitchen Design Ideas 3*3 And 2*3 m2 Small Kitchens
    Small kitchen spaces are a problem for some. They are confused by the choice of design, with the space of the place, which requires only a little intelligence and innovation in ideas to make the most of the available space while retaining the aesthetic touch. 
    Kitchen Design Ideas 3*3 And 2*3 m2 Small Kitchens
    The design of the small area differs between the rectangular shape, 2 * 3, which allows many successful ideas for the design of a kitchen in the form of U, where the kitchen cabinets are placed across the walls, or choose one of the walls only to put kitchen furniture in one hand and leave a reasonable space for freedom of movement or put a small table to eat, Small square area 3 * 3 enjoy a variety of practical ideas can be the best choice depending on the taste and decor kitchen furniture for the exploitation of three walls surrounded by furniture, or left open to exploit that serves as a housewife while working in the kitchen and provide comfort and safety.

    Kitchen Design Ideas 3*3 and 2*3 Square meters

    Black and Chrysanthemum

    Black and wood: A distinctive design for the kitchen decoration of the square with a small area of ​​3 * 3, where the kitchen cabinets were distributed in an elegant and practical way to look the upper piece by the wall of a large hill with bottom tanks with three open ribs, corresponding to the other side wall cabinets that provide limited space in the place , Colors played a great role in the harmony and beauty of the decor, where the natural wood colors matched with the luxury of black and white.
    Kitchen Design 1

    The Blue Kitchen

    Blue Kitchen: Attractive color with a distinctive idea for the 3 * 3 open kitchen, which has fully utilized the U-shaped space, leaving the fourth side open to feel more space and freedom of movement.
    Kitchen Design 2

    The kitchen is brown

    The brown kitchen: a brilliant metallic color sparkling with elegant styel touches, a 3 * 3 square kitchen where the cabinets are fitted with kitchen appliances in the three walls and the kitchen door is removed to make the place look bigger.
    Kitchen Design 3

    The square design

    Square design: A new idea is to take advantage of two corners of the kitchen just to put the wooden kitchen furniture in the rich Rustic brown, and release the freedom to the rest of the walls is only a table in the middle to eat, with a wonderful selection of kitchen ceramics in black and white.
    Kitchen Design 4

    Modern design

    Modern design: Stylish 2 * 3 rectangular kitchen design that reflects the aesthetics of the stylized kitchen in soft, high-quality colors. The U-shaped cabinets look like the kitchen space, with attractive pastel colors that match the silver styel.
    Kitchen Design 5

    Stellar Kitchen

    Stellar Kitchen: With a small square area, only two corners of the kitchen can be used to place the furniture, leaving the other walls without any furniture with a round table in the middle suggesting more space.
    Kitchen Design 6

    Rectangle design

    Rectangular design: suitable for narrow spaces 2 * 3 The long, opposite walls can be used to place the elegant yellow-colored cabinets, with beautiful white cabinets, and leave the wall with the least space without any parts to reflect a feeling of freedom and breadth.
    Kitchen Design 7

    Corner design

    Corner design: Appropriate for narrow rectangular spaces to place kitchen furniture in one corner of the kitchen, and a distinctive selection of kitchen cabinets in green pastels soft design with innovative black ceramic small pieces in the wall decoration to make the kitchen very elegant and luxurious.
    Kitchen Design 8

    Bright colors

    Bright colors: Beautiful kitchen decor with a rectangular area of ​​3 * 2. The kitchen furniture is completely set in one wall of the long kitchen walls, leaving plenty of room for freedom of movement, with a wooden table in the center with exquisite modern plastic chairs. Red, black and yellow with attractive longitudinal lines.
    Kitchen Design 9

    White Kitchen

    White Kitchen: A distinctive design for the rectangular kitchen decor, which has been used in every kitchen space in the cabinets and appliances, the open kitchen decor is able to solve the problem of narrow spaces in the kitchens to look more free with elegance in the design.
    Kitchen Design 10