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Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India

Our homes are designed in all styles and in all areas and in all different ways. They adapt to our needs so that in the end they are friendly and welcoming to us every time we enter them.
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India
Small houses have their own charm. Their small space ignites the challenge of the designer to design them perfectly. Small houses also motivate us to create ideas for space use as well as interest in the environment.
The design of small houses takes care of every detail as it needs high skill to maintain the function of the place and how to achieve all the requirements of houses in a small area taking into consideration all the measurements used

We show you 4 designs for small houses in terms of facades and interior in India

Small houses - facade

This house is an excellent example of small cottages, simple facade has a small balcony to welcome guests before entering the house, a rural stone facade with wooden doors and windows with a fine frame of paint, roof tiles, simple design of a simple house
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 1

Small houses - inside

In the small houses there is no room to waste space, adding corridors to serve the job and kind of creating spaces for movement and lighting, the use of high ceilings to achieve better breadth with a wooden design of the roof reminds us of the European countryside, and as the facade, the wooden doors give a touch of intimacy at home
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 2

House of capsule - facade

The design of the capsule houses is a small design that carries surprises between its walls. Its size and small size did not prevent the designer from placing a childish floral color of the facade, so that there is a clear contrast between it and the walls of the neighboring houses, with a small garden that adds freshness to its guests.
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 3

House of capsule - inside

So the surprise of this house in its spacious kitchen, designed for a relatively large kitchen with the size of the house and fully functional, use the entire space in the storage of cabinets with a simple and elegant engineering design, choices of neutral colors and different brown degrees
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 4

Small and simple - interface

The house was developed by the engineer LENGACHER EMMENEGGER PARTNER AG, a special design based on the white house height of the painted paint and painted in black which gave the Mediterranean character, some of the gravel that emphasizes the general character.
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 5

Small and simple - from the inside

The interior design of the house kept a modern style confirmed by the design of the kitchen soft, and thanks to large windows openings flooded with natural lighting, furniture and floors with simple lines to confirm the modern style
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 6

Small Indian house - facade

A simple French house with strong colors, a white frame of red balance, with glass doors and windows to increase the natural light of the house, a facade reminiscent of the old French houses surrounded by gardens and balconies for breakfast with the family
Interior Design Ideas For Small Homes In India 7

Small Indian house - inside

The interior design is compatible with the facade in terms of maintaining a distinctive French design using French chairs and simple decoration of the ceilings, a red cushion for connecting the exterior and interior, accessories for a ship to confirm that the design of a house close to the beaches of France, windows and doors allow lighting to flood the house as we connect with outdoor gardens.

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