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Interior Design Ideas For Living Room

11 Reviews for Summer Living Room Design

Decoration of the summer living room, interior design engineer Carla Munther provides interior4design readers with the following decoration tips:
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room
1. Some wooden seats, which occupy a large part of the room space, can be dispensed with and replaced by a set of colored benches.
2. Preferably replace the shelves with the treasury, with the first decorated with books and magazines.
3. It is recommended to remove curtains with thick fabrics, such as velvet, and leave those made of transparent "voile", which allows the entry of a few natural light into the room.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 1
4. The wall on which the main sofa is leaning can be painted with a bright color, or decorated with summer wallpaper.
5. The thick sofa fabric can be changed; cotton or linen sofas are recommended, as is the diversification of their seats, some with flowering inscriptions, others with carved inscriptions, and cushions of uniform color. If the dark-colored sofa is not changed, the pastel colored pillows must be scented.
6. Preferably install a mirror surrounded by a contemporary window off the window, if the room cat tight.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 2
7. Beech racks can be distributed on the wall, which carries a television screen.
8. It is advisable to pick accessories made of colored porcelain with bright colors.
9. Do not mind that the floor may be a piece of light carpet, to be circular or rectangular, while avoiding the selection of those made of long lint, to prevent the accumulation of dust. The carpet does not necessarily have to mediate the room, but can adorn one corner.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 3
10. The Corniche, with indirect lighting, should be used if the ceiling is low.
11. Side tables of different sizes, tables that can overlap, can be purchased without messing around.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 4

Energy Science In The Living Room Interior Design

Interior4design recommends that its readers give the living room "decoration" a special importance in their homes and make it a center of positive energy, choosing the location of this room in a natural lighted place, using the light colors of its walls and floors. As for the industrial lighting in the "decorations", it is preferable to avoid neon lights and Spotlight, because of its glamour. There is no objection to directing the lighting to the top or to the side on one of the pieces of decoration indirectly, in order to avoid extreme glare and smooth flow in place.

Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 5
The "living room" can be organized, which welcomes family gatherings, and serves as a place to relax the occupants. The function of the reception room is also occupied by the narrow apartments, as follows:
  • Select a function for each corner of the living room, such as personalizing a computer corner, watching TV and a third family meeting ...
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 6
  • Buy a closed-circuit television library to store belongings, in order to keep chaos out of place.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 7
  • Keep a neat box to place "mobile" trucks and computer accessories or some straps and wires, to connect the wires in an appropriate manner, ie, the straps of bread bags, for example, or rubber so as not to mix with each other.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 8
  • Add a side cabinet, if the space allows, to store files, photo albums, and all items in the living room. The cabinet must be loaded with a closed door, so as not to cause chaos. Also, tables with drawers can be used to store books and magazines inside.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 9
  • It is not recommended to choose black carpet or black decoration for the living room, especially if the space is narrow, this color generates depression.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 10
  • Distribution of round tables in the middle of the living room, so that the positive energy of life is constantly penetrated into the room.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 11
  • The living room is an excellent place to put the leafy natural plant, especially in the eastern areas or near the window, in order to feel the life card constantly.
Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 12

Interior Design Ideas For Living Room 13
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