Interior Designs From Interior4Design Point Of View

Interior Designs From Interior4Design Point Of View

    Houses Interior Designs Modern Style And Nice Decorations From Iterior4Design

    Every lady is interested in the development that the decorators create in the design of houses from the inside, in order to add to her home the modern touches to become her home the processions of the modern decor wonderful, Follow us master of this subject to get acquainted with the latest design houses from the inside in detail.

    Interior Designs From Interior4Design Point Of View

    The basics of contemporary style in interior design:

    Although the modern style is rich and varied with exquisite decoration, there are a few things that may be common to the traditional style:
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    1. Selection of colors:

    For example, a neutral color such as beige, white or gray can be chosen with dark shades, such as adding shades of brown or black, and besides choosing the colors that can be used in the style. The modern is added to an upholstered chair with warm colors of color, such as orange or red. All of these colors link up to the furnishings, which contain colorful and wonderful decorations, such as providing cushions or carpets with these colors.
    The basics of contemporary style in interior design

    2. Texture:

    In addition to the modern furniture in the design of the homes of the interior shiny metal and polished wood with cold tiles, as most of the choices of floors in the contemporary style is either wood or ceramic flooring shiny, and uses carpets modern decoration to add a sense of warmth and link between the colors of decoration, Glass has a great role in modern designs, as it has a strong influence in the design of houses from the inside, and you can add some different materials for your home decor, such as fur pillows, and the choice of silk curtains, as they will reflect the appearance of exciting decoration.
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    3. The roof of the modern house:

    Decorators are very interested in the decoration of the bishop, where there are gypsum decorations and also have the decoration of the suspended ceilings, they add a glittering appearance to the house, complementing the decor.
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    Designing the rooms of the house in contemporary style:

    Contemporary designs in interior design are easy to achieve, follow these tips to make the most of the rooms in your home.
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    1- Bedroom:

    Modern style in interior design The bed is the focal point in the bedroom. Therefore, the bed linen and its appearance should be taken care of. You should choose different colored bedspreads to renew the appearance of the room with each one. The room, so romantic atmosphere reflected in the bedroom N so you feel calm and relax.
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    It is also preferable to choose the wall in the back of the bed to be the main wall of the room, so he would prefer to choose the decorative wall that is different from the rest of the walls of the room.
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    2- Living room:

    The modern style is concerned with the design of houses from the inside to keep the living room coordinated and arranged to the maximum degree, because it is the room where the reception of guests and at the same time is the room spent by members of the family long times, so designers have devised designs of a variety of shelves and practical furniture, Which adds aesthetic touches to the decor of the living room, while at the same time helping the room be organized.
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    In order to enhance the decor of the living room, it is preferable to choose warm floors, with carpets of contemporary design, and can also throw pillows in the floor of the room to reflect the warm appearance of the room.
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    3- Kitchen:

    Because the kitchen is one of the rooms of the house, which is considered a core room, you must choose things of a good type and do not destroy quickly, for example, you can choose the types of natural marble, which is characterized by high temperatures, and has many wonderful colors, Heat-resistant type.
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    In addition to the above when choosing interior design from home, it is preferable to choose colors for the kitchen walls reflect a comfortable feeling like neutral colors.
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    Modern interior designs to illuminate your home corridors

    Although it is only spaces that connect the rooms to each other, but its importance is not less than the importance of any room of the house where it is necessary to pay attention to decorate and furniture in some cases and more importantly is to illuminate these corridors in an attractive and striking and modern.
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    Illumination of hallways at home


    Are common forms of lighting of the corridors where most of the corridors have low ceilings so that the spaces are the ideal solution to the problem of vacuum, it has a variety of different colors and colors, including what is prominent and what is within the ceiling of the corridor.
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    Wall lamps

    These are usually used in fairly wide corridors where they are distributed along the wall and have different ways of guiding the lighting.
    Modern interior designs to illuminate your home corridors


    Hanging from the ceiling give the interior decoration a touch of luxury but it needs a certain height, including modern forms or classical crystal chandeliers luxury.
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    Ground Lighting

    Modern forms that have been used in modern interior decoration make the lighting emitted from the ground and in the opposite direction to the usual towards the ceiling, including what is earthy and what is within the decorative or gypsum wall of the wood as we will see the pictures.
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    Natural lighting

    It is a special cases when the corridor is adjacent to the outside depends on the facades of the glass to illuminate or when the house is independent, we can see the natural light through the opening of glass from the ceiling.
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    Indirect lighting

    which is within the designs of gypsum or wood for ceilings and walls where this type of interior decoration depends on the lighting hidden and invisible and dispense with the lighting devices.
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