Amazing Bookshelf Designs And Innovative Ideas (Home Library)

Amazing Bookshelf Designs And Innovative Ideas (Home Library)
    Despite the advent of e-books, however, many of us still love the experience of touching and flipping paper books, and even organizing them and arranging them in different ways on library shelves. Here are some of the most beautiful and varied designs of bookshelves, some of which are modern and some of them have an old heritage design that suits the surrounding environment.
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    Designed by French designer Charles Kalpakian this is Graffititek bookshelf, inspired by Parisian Graffiti art and aims to offer new perspective on the craft by reinterpreting it in a three-dimensional way. Comes with mounted light lamps for helping to choose book in the dark and to create a very dramatic effect.
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    You may have found what you’re looking for with this system, which allows you to reconfigure the shelving modules into hundreds of different configurations. This bookshelf is proof that functionality, attractiveness and the possibility of customization are far from mutually exclusive.
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    Amazing Bookshelf Designs And Innovative Ideas
    Bookshelves these days are much more than simple rectangular pieces of furniture. Wouldn’t it be great to have an innovative bookshelf that makes up for a stunning wall accessory or a beautiful piece of furniture? Let us have a sneak peek into some amazing bookshelves with innovative designs for your home.
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