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Tips For Choosing The Appropriate Lighting In The Interior Decoration

Tips For Interior Design Lighting Enrich thoughtful lighting, achieve visual comfort and help relax. While emphasizing her primary role in interior decoration, she has an attractive piece of furniture in the furniture showroom, but just because she is moved to the house, she looks faint! Expert M. El Nasser reviews the "Interior 4 Design" readers on the home lighting design guidelines, ideally:

10 New Ideas Of Modern Kitchen Designs

Modern Kitchen Designs The kitchen furniture of the houses attached to this material helps in choosing the kitchens of the modern spaces, which are in line with the current fashion trends. In this context, "Interior Design" features closed-door kitchens with modern d├ęcor and offers advice on the design of modern, narrow or spacious kitchens,

10 Decorative & Configurable Gypsum Ceiling Designs

Gypsum Ceiling With Configurable And Decorative Decorations The decorations of the Bishop of gypsum with decorative formations known as the grandeur, which add aesthetic to the decoration of the area where it is resolved. The use of gypsum ceiling with decorative formations in the decoration of houses, according to the advice of the interior decoration engineer Zia from the institution "Abriz" for the design of the following home:

Wood In Interior Design

11 Wood Decorations That Going to Generate You Great Interior Designs The flexibility and durability of the wood makes it an attractive and durable interior decoration. Wood is included in the design of the house, its furniture and its foundations, including ceilings and walls. Eng. Khalid Al-Kanani informs readers of "Interior4Design" about the advantages of wood, and some of its uses in interior decoration. The limits of wood uses are greater in interior decoration, and each type of wood has a special style of use. There are two main categories of natural wood, namely: solid wood and soft wood. Solid wood (oak, walnut, beech, mahogany and teak) is characterized by properties that make it suitable for floors, doors and upscale furniture, due to its lack of contract, often for its long time, in addition to its good resistance to moisture. On the other hand, soft wood (Swedish, white and fir) is suitable for fine carpentry, as well as parquet floors and furniture.
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Modern Decors In Saudi Apartments

Latest Modern Decors in Saudi' Apartments Interior decoration affects the lives of individuals. Interior design designer Mohammad Al Raiqi, and Tendra's director of decor, takes the "Interior4Design" readers into the world of modern Saudi apartment designs. The decor is renewed with the seasons, with the preferences of modern and contemporary tones, but with a classic yet upscale identity.

3D Wallpapers For Home Design In Attractive Pictures

3D Wallpapers In Attractive Pictures When a three-dimensional wallpaper is in the room, it makes the person sitting there live close to reality. The expert Taleb Ayed Al-Mutairi and the director of "Kunouz Zakhrf" inform readers of "Interior Design" on the composition of the walls of the three-dimensional rooms.

Luxury Bedrooms For Couples

8 Luxury Bedroom Designs For Couples When couples choose luxurious bedrooms with modern decoration, their taste may vary to the point of contradiction, causing some skirmishes that are not without one attempt to impose their preferences on the other. It is true that the majority of males do not pay attention to the "decorations" of the marital bedrooms, no matter how luxurious, but must give the husband enough space to express his opinion in the space that will occupy.